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The Skill of Piano Keyboard Accompaniment/Arranging

QuenMar Music believes the accompaniment of melodies/songs is one of the most important aspects of music for an aspiring musician. Once proficiency is attained, the ability to accompany can be a most enjoyable - and even profitable - skill. A key goal of QuenMar Music is to provide a relatively easy and - more importantly - an effective method of developing creative piano/keyboard skills.

"Appropriate" Piano Keyboard Accompaniment /Arrangement
QuenMar does not believe there is any 'correct' or 'right' accompaniment, but rather, an arrangement appropriate for the melody in the mind of the performer (and hopefully his/her audience).

By appropriate we mean the 'best' chords, played in a nice-sounding progression, in the rhythmic style chosen to invoke the desired feeling for the melody - and efficient from a technical/ fingering viewpoint.

A proficient piano accompanist is able to decide what chords, progressions, bass patterns and rhythmic styles sound best without the inhibiting effect of excessive rules. This is not necessarily spontaneous and could be a trial & selection process.

Value - Quality
The MA and KA Series have been developed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of customers. QuenMar Music is confident customers will consider the course comprehensive, original, fun, interesting, challenging, well-designed, clear and, in summary, of the highest quality.


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