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From the Author

Following music studies, I began a piano teaching career. It was during the teaching years that I became aware that a subject was missing from most conservatory-based, training/examinations. Although students are encouraged to excel technically and interpret complex compositions, they are often left perplexed if asked to create accompaniment to a basic melody – at the keyboard.

It was apparent that creating accompaniment for melodies in a wide variety of styles & rhythms (in all keys), requires the same routine practise as required to develop technical, sight-reading and interpretive skills. Adding another subject, ‘creative piano accompaniment’, would require finding melodies that allowed the accompaniment to progress at the same pace as all other music abilities. I began the process encouraging 2-chord accompaniments and soon realized that there were no folksongs in minor keys with two chords! This began a 23-year journey producing over 400 original melodies as well as, symbols to help with chord application guidance. The books are entitled ‘Melody Adventures” (6 book series) and “Keyboard Accompaniment Basics” (5 book series).

If you have thoughts on the subject of ‘Creative Piano Skills’, please do not hesitate to contact me using my contact page.