A QuenMar Invitation

Open to Pianists & Vocalists

Express your own musical ideas for a melody that is provided.

CLOSING DATE: November 20th, 2021


Apply your accompaniment to The Best Birthday (see under Resources)

The style, rhythm, tempo and key(s) can remain as is or be modified or completely changed. As well as creating your own accompaniment, other instrumentalists can participate.

The melody is the only attribute that cannot be changed


The instrument(s) for the accompaniment is/are at the discretion of the vocalist. The title and lyrics for the melody can either remain as is or be the vocalist’s creation. The melody is the only unchangeable factor.  For a printout, click in the right-hand column.


We would appreciate your submission as a video but will also accept an audio-only version of your submission.

Video submissions, you can send us your video file (MP4 preferred).

Audio submissions are to quenmar@shaw.ca in MP3 or WMA format.  The completed Applicant Information Sheet must be attached.

The QuenMar Invitation is open to anyone (or a group) from any country.  The only rule is that the melody must be retained.

As for the instrumental break (if any), it can be the same as given or be one’s own creation – based on the melody.

Closing date for entries is November 20, 2021

Many participants may be invited to have their rendition of the melody showcased on the QuenMar website.

Bios, photos and performances will not be showcased without the performer’s permission. Equally, any public performance of the given copyrighted song/melody requires permission from QuenMar Music.

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The Best Birthday (lyrics)

The Best Birthday with notation

Applicant Information Form

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The Best Birthday