QuenMar Music believes that creating accompaniment for melodies/songs is one of the most important aspects of music for an aspiring musician. Typically, piano students miss out on what guitar students receive from their first lessons – learning to anticipate chord changes while drawing from a large repertoire of chords, styles, rhythms & progressions. Filling this gap for piano students is an important aspect of QuenMar Music’s philosophy.

How the QuenMar KA BASICS Series Helps

  1. simple 2-chord melodies at the beginning
  2. advances at same pace as sight-reading & technical skills
  3. wide variety of melodies
  4. avoids dissonance
  5. tests to monitor progress



  1. gives ‘safety net’ if memory fails during a prepared performance
  2. provides confidence giving an impromptu accompaniment
  3. gives willingness to accept new musical challenges
  4. develops intuitive ability
  5. supplements/complements any teaching method


Accompaniment (definition): the application of an ‘appropriate’ & interesting arrangement of notes/chords in a style/rhythm to suit the melody.

Appropriate: QuenMar Music does not believe there is any correct or right accompaniment, but rather, an arrangement appropriate for the melody in the mind of the performer (and hopefully, for his/her audience).

A proficient accompanist can decide what chords, progressions, bass patterns & rhythmic styles sound best – without the inhibiting effect of excessive rules. This is not necessarily spontaneous and could be a trial and selection process.

QuenMar Music is confident that the “Melody Adventures” & “Keyboard Accompaniment BASICS” series are comprehensive, original, interesting, challenging, well-designed and of the highest quality.